ISO9001/2015 Certified

About Us

Quality Products, Unfailing Service, Outstanding People

IEG Plastics was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Bellefontaine, Ohio. We are a proud supplier of plastic parts and assemblies to the automotive and consumer goods industries.

What sets us apart?

Processes: IEG Plastics operates on the Traction Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). The EOS is built around accountability, both to our team members at IEG and to our customers. Using the tools and the six key components of Traction: Vision, Data, Process, Traction, Issues, and People, fuels IEG’s proactive approach to running our business and providing our customers with top notch service, impeccable quality, and unparalleled partnership with our clients.


People: At IEG, our people are the key to our success. We live and die by our core values, and use these values to hire and promote our associates. IEG’s experienced team of professionals strives to serve our clients with consistency and to exceed expectations.

Innovation: A spirit of innovation is molded within IEG’s organization and culture. The culture of innovation combined with our decades of experience in lean manufacturing and cutting edge technologies has allowed us to help our customers find unique solutions to their needs, solutions that could not be found elsewhere. Let us partner with you to discover innovative solutions to your tooling and plastics needs.

Precision: Precision is often defined as “the quality or state of being precise: Exactness”. When you require precision in your tooling or manufactured plastic parts, IEG Plastics should be your first stop. We have proven capability in manufacturing and inspection to tolerances as tight as +/-.02 mm (+/- .000787”) and will go beyond this when needed.

Community: At IEG, we believe it is our responsibility to bring positive measurable change to our community. We actively share our time, talents, and treasure in support of causes to improve our local area and make the communities where we live and do business a better place.